We are very blessed to have Sam and her husband Gavin as our support assistants. They have been super valuable to the dogs. We can't thank them enough

We have many fosters in Phuket and overseas to help us with the rehabilitation of the rescue dogs. 

We don't have a shelter. We have homes instead so we can get the dog/s ready for their forever homes. Please reach out if your are interested in fostering.




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My story

I first came to Thailand in 2010 and was absolutely shocked to see so many neglected, injured, sick & starving Street Dogs on every street corner. I wanted to end their suffering...to do something!

I created Toni J for the Animals to help connect the lost souls that I had discovered in the Phuket Government Dog Pound in 2017. I had never seen so many dogs suffering in one place. 

It was like a death camp. 

They were suffering from painful diseases, life–threatening injuries & they were dying horrible deaths. 

In 2018 I started to focus more of my time on adoptions and since 2019, my primary purpose, aside from my full-time work, is to get the dogs out of the Government Dog Pound, off the streets and into Loving, Forever Homes. 

There are now a team of amazing volunteers helping me on this mission. Online and Offline - from guidance to fundraising. I am forever grateful as this wouldn't be possible without them and the help of all our supporters like you! Over 1000 dogs have been adopted.

Thank you so much!  

all my love, 

Toni J

Support Assistants

Team of Fosters

Available for adoption... 


Marlon Available for Adoption.  

A really sweet approx 6 month young terrier mix. You couldn't ask for a more well behaved pup. 

Male. Healthy. Vaccinated. Castrated

Smart. House trained. Excellent recall. Sits for treats

Would be a great family dog. Great with children, dogs and cats 

How can you resist that underbite? 

Marlon is currently in Phuket. Thailand 

Please reach out if interested.

Dogs from the Government Dog pound 

In 2017, My beloved Molly and Henry passed away to ill health, shortly after I gave my heart and soul to the Phuket Government Dog Pound.  

The pain of losing my own dogs made me want to do more.

My eyes were open to a place with over 1000 neglected and sick Street Dogs that I wanted to help.

Many people think of Phuket as a popular tropical vacation destination. Warm climate, white sand beaches, but what happens to the occasional stray dog or cat you meet?

The suffering is unimaginable there and my mission became clear to find forever homes for all of these lost forgotten souls.

Hell on earth 

Giving new lives to the lost souls

Would you like to adopt a dog?

Let's make more happy stories!

How we transform the lives of the unfortunate...

When Gloria was found as a stray, she was severely underweight...she had been in multiple vehicle accidents which made walking very difficult. She was in pain. Toni J rescued her from her suffering and Gloria was placed in a lovely foster home. Jasmine (one of our incredible fosters) helped rehabilitate Gloria until we found her a loving home. 

Gloria had multiple operations on her hips, was neutered, microchipped, treated for her ticks and fleas and vaccinated. Once Gloria recovered we found her the most perfect home.

Gloria entered a wonderful home in Canada with the most amazing couple who we have now become great friends with. Gloria is flourishing. “Since Gloria had such a rough first 8 years of her life, She is so grateful and happy every single day,” “We are amazed at how simple acts of love and care can turn a dog’s whole life around.” - adopters of Gloria.

A success story...

Take a look at the dogs available here

If you’ve found a dog who looks like a good match for you, click the ‘rehome me' button on their profile and fill in an application form.

Our team will read your application and see if your lifestyle matches the needs of the dog.

If you and the dog seem well suited, we may arrange a call and a home check or an appointment for you to come and meet and greet. 

If we mutually decide you’re a perfect match, we’ll arrange all documents for you to take your new best friend to their forever home.

Not for the faint hearted

Gloria's story is just one of hundreds we love to share and make more of

Gloria, in her new home in Canada

A very special 

Thank You

 to all those that contribute... 

All the dogs hold something special

By adopting from us, you’re making the world a better place for both pets and people – as well as growing your family dynamic in one of the most fulfilling and heartwarming ways possible.

Being a flight volunteer takes very little effort on your part. We arrange all of the paperwork, and liaise with the airline for you. All you have to do is accompany the dogs or cats as your excess baggage. 

We arrange all the logistics and even assist at check-in.

Your kind donations change the lives of many animals in desperate situations. Your support will ensure that these dogs receive the care and love they need and deserve.



We save abandoned and neglected dogs, rehabilitate and match them with forever homes. 

Please Help us with donations to save more furry friends.

Connecting people and animals  

Connecting people and animals