About Toni 

Currently Helping the Street Dogs & Abandoned dogs at the Phuket Government Dog Pound

I started my Vegan journey back in 2010 and since then I have been sharing the Vegan Diet and its message of compassion as far and wide as.  In 2017, I lost both of my beloved dogs, Molly and Henry to ill health. 

The pain of losing my own dogs made me want to do more. I wanted to help as many neglected and sick Street Dogs as I could. I wanted to help them regain their health and then find loving forever homes for them because these sick, abused and abandoned Street Dogs don’t receive the Love, Joy, Companionship, Protection and Beautiful life my Molly and Henry had.  

I poured my heart and soul into the Phuket Government Dog Pound in 2017. I had never seen so many dogs suffering in one place. It was like a death camp. They were suffering from painful diseases, life–threatening injuries and they were dying horrible deaths.  

In 2018 I started to focus more of my time on adoptions and since 2019, my primary purpose, aside from my full-time work, is to get the dogs out of the Government Dog Pound, off the streets and into Loving, Forever Homes. There are now a team of volunteers helping me on this mission. Online and Offline - from guidance to fundraising. 

I am forever grateful as this wouldn't be possible without them and the help of all our supporters.

I am forever grateful. 

Thank you so much

all my love, 


“I first came to Thailand in 2010 and was absolutely shocked to see so many neglected, injured, sick and starving Street Dogs on every street corner. I wanted to end their suffering... 

to do something!