Looking to add some love to your life?

Many of the rescue dogs that we have up for adoption have had full vet examinations and have a clear bill of health. Each dog comes neutered/sterilized, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, treated for ticks and fleas, and 100% ready to be yours! Unless a dog is currently in The Phuket Government Dog Pound or you see a dog from the streets and you want to adopt him/her. Therefore will need all vaccinations etc.

These dogs have had a rough life on the streets of Thailand or in the overcrowded Phuket Government Dog Pound. You are truly giving them a second chance at life. You can view some of the incredible transformations on our Facebook Page. Many dogs will have spent time in a volunteer foster home before arriving to you. We try to match each adopter with the right dog. Toni has personally spent time with each dog that gets adopted, and knows their behaviour and some of their history (as much as she can when they are rescues). We ask that each adopter who fills out an application does so honestly. With this information, we try our best to find a dog that will be the best fit for you, and the best fit for the dog. Some dogs may require more exercise, need more attention due to past traumas and may benefit from living with other dogs, etc so this is one of the most important steps to ensure a successful adoption. 

You’ll be helping to spread the word.

Many people are not aware of how wonderful and rewarding rescuing a dog can be. The more the information gets out about this, the more dogs can have a second chance at life. 

What to expect when you are expecting? 

The transition for each dog varies by circumstance, but most of these dogs are so thankful to get love (and treats), that the transition is pretty seamless. Here are few pointers to help ease the transition: 

Have your house/family ready for the new dog. Teach children how to approach the dog safely and without overwhelming your new addition 

• As soon as possible, show your new dog their potty area. Spend some time so they can get comfortable there and know its purpose. Reward the dog after they do their business to encourage them using this area 

• Try to determine your feeding/walking/playtime schedule from day one so they can get settled into their new routine (and you can too) 

• Your dog may take a few weeks to get settled and show you their full personality. Be patient and understanding of this, and keep their routine going to help this happen quickly

• Join our ‘Phuket Fur Babies Abroad’ group on Facebook to ask questions, gets tips from Toni and other adopters, and read some adoption stories CLICK HERE

If you are not on Facebook, please email us at 

Updates, news, and photos will be so appreciated by all volunteers who helped to rehabilitate your new pup. 

How does the process work? 

1. Apply: Fill out an Adoption Application Form

2. Match: We will review your application and find the best match for both of you unless you have seen the dog/s you love. Then a Phone call and Home Check will be done. 

3. Rehome: Once the perfect fit is found, your new best friend can go home! 

Please be aware there is also a contract to fill out. 

For International Adoptions we need to find a flight volunteer/buddy to help get the dog to you. If you have any more questions, please contact us directly:

Estimated Costs - for Health Ready, Crate, Flights and Paperwork: 

US: $1000-1200 usd. If dog is flight ready , it can take as little as 1 week for him/her to come to you.

CANDADA: $1200-1600 cad. If dog is flight ready can take as little as 1 week to come to you - if there are flights available.

EUROPE: £1000-1500. (Rabies Titer Test is needed). A 3 month process. 

If you have any questions, please contact us