Are you planning a trip to or from Phuket/Bangkok. Thailand?

A Flight Volunteer / Buddy is needed when a dog is rescued and is being sent to their new life overseas. This means they can go as extra checked baggage which brings the right costs down, compared to what cargo would charge. We take care of all of the paperwork, logistics, and costs! No extra work on your part. The only thing we need from you is a copy of your flight ticket and passport. Then you meet us or the relocation service and the dog at the airport 3 hours before check in. The adopter/private rescue takes care of picking up the dog directly from arrivals once you land. In return for doing this, you get the AMAZING feeling of knowing that you helped save an animals life! 

Important Information: 

• Ideally we need 2 weeks if flying from Phuket or from 48 hours if flying from Bangkok to organise the paper work and final tests for each dog. The earlier the better

• Minimal flight duration and layovers are preferred as it already a stressful time for the animal

• Flights via Hong Kong and mainland China cannot be used due to their laws + restrictions

If you would like to help get an animal/s to their forever homes, 

please contact us:


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