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Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. It is a great way to help MANY dogs finally get to their forever homes, and frees up space for more dogs to get the attention they need. Foster caregivers are required for our dogs in Phuket or even abroad whilst they wait for their flights to their adopters / or while we find someone to adopt them. They can be dogs that are already adopted or dogs that are going to a rescue. 

What do you need to do as a Foster caregiver? :

• Provide a safe + secure loving environment for the dog. Many of these dogs are not used to a home environment, and may require some basic training. You must be willing to follow our guidance on how to handle the dogs behaviour
• Some dogs may require special diets, medication, or further veterinary visits. We will provide all of the necessary information for the specific dog
• Be willing to send updates, pictures, and share information on how the foster is going so we can pass this on to possible adopters. Sharing information/questions/updates on our Facebook page ‘Toni J for the Animals' is a great way to help the entire volunteer community
• You must have a secure outdoor yard and be able to provide ample exercise/walks
• The dog should not be left alone for long periods of time (4 hours), especially at the beginning while the dog becomes comfortable in his/her new environment
• Some foster dogs will have confirmed departure dates, but some may not. Flexibility on your timeline to foster is needed in hopes that the dog is not moved around while they wait to get adopted • Experience with dogs is a must. Many of these dogs will need extra attention while they transition into their new environment

Common Questions: 

Who covers the dogs vet bills while under my care? 
This is taken care of by donations given to Toni J for the Animals or by the adopter .

What if I am not a good fit with the dog? 
Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, the match doesn’t work. We will do our best prior to match the right dog with you, but if this doesn’t happen we will try our best to find another foster. We ask you to REALLY think about the time, work, training, and commitment you are getting into before signing up as a foster caregiver .

What if the dog chews my furniture? 
It can happen. We ask that you are prepared for small issues to arise, and to take the time to do initial training with the dog to deter unwanted behaviours.

Can I adopt my foster dog? 
Yes! We have many Foster fails, so you should be prepared for the emotional connection that you will build with your rescue, unless of course the dog has already been committed to someone else. 

Who will provide food & supplies for the dog? 
This is taken care of by donations given to Toni J for the Animals, or out of Toni’s own pocket. Any amount that you would like to use of your own resources is GREATLY appreciated. 

How does the process work? 
Contact us to apply to become a foster, or to learn more information about fostering.

Please use the Form below to apply for Fostering - please state it is for Fostering and Not Adoption. 
Thank you.   
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