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Our number one priority is to get these sick, injured, abused + neglected dogs off the streets and out of the dog pound before they become irreversibly sick +/or die. Then we spend several months nursing them back to health with Vet visits, any surgeries required, medications for Blood Parasites, Worms + Mange + treatment for any other health-related issues. We also arrange their Medical Passports, Microchips + ensure their Vaccinations are up to date. All of this, together with daily walks, fresh, healthy food, medicated baths/shampoos, socializing with people + dogs, daily care + attention + lots of loving, kisses + cuddles. Once they have rebuilt their self-confidence + regained their health, the final stage in the process is to find them Loving Forever Homes where they can live out the remainder of their lives in Joy + Peace + Safety.
  •  ADOPT: Would you like to adopt a dog? It's quite straight forward. Fill in the questionnaire and we will be in touch. For more information CLICK HERE
  • FOSTER: Can't adopt, but would like to foster a dog. That can either be in Phuket or where you live. For more information  CLICK HERE
  • VOLUNTEER:  Come and help at the Phuket Government Dog Pound; cleaning, socialising, walking and bathing the dogs. For more information CLICK HERE
  •  DONATE: How ever big or small. For more information  CLICK HERE
  • FLIGHT VOLUNTEER: For more information CLICK HERE
Currently at the Dog Pound. Now 7 months old. Sterilised. Vaccinated.
Currently at the Dog Pound. 8 years old.
Sterilised. Vaccinated. 
Currently at the Dog Pound. 3-4 years old.
Sterilised. Vaccinated.
Currently at the Dog Pound. 3-4 years old. Sterilised. Vaccinated.
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