About Us
Currently Helping the Street Dogs + Abandoned dogs at the Phuket Government Dog Pound.
“I first came to Thailand in 2010 and was absolutely shocked to see so many neglected, injured, sick + starving Street Dogs on every street corner. I wanted to end their suffering... to do something..! 

I became Vegan in 2012 and since then have been sharing the Vegan Diet and its message of Compassion as far + wide as I can. 

In 2017, I lost both of my beloved dogs, Molly and Henry to ill health. The pain of losing my own dogs made me want to do more. I wanted to help as many neglected + sick Street Dogs as I could. I wanted to help them regain their Health and then find Loving Forever homes for them because these sick, abused + abandoned Street Dogs don’t receive the Love, Joy, Companionship, Protection + Beautiful life my Molly and Henry had. 

I poured my Heart + Soul into the Phuket Government Dog Pound in 2017. I had never seen so many dogs suffering in one place. It was like a death camp. They were suffering from painful diseases, life–threatening injuries + they were dying horrible deaths. 

In 2018 I started to focus more of my time on adoptions and now in 2019, my primary purpose, aside from my full-time work, is to get the dogs out of the Government Dog Pound, off the streets and into Loving, Forever Homes.
There are now a team of Volunteers helping me on this mission. Online + Offline - from guidance to fundraising. I am forever grateful as this wouldn't be possible without them + the help of all our supporters - thank you so much” 

all my love, Toni  
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